The Fairy Tales Factory

A website where everybody, really everybody, can create a real fairy tales book! You need just a few clicks!

Do you want to write a story about friendship or love? Who is the protagonist of your story, you or a mouse? Does the beginning take place in a castle or on the moon? The hero travels on a carriage or drives a race car!?
The Fairy Tales Factory is not a site like others where you can only change the name and appearance of the protagonist! Question after question, even a child (and it is not a way of saying!) Will be able to choose the story he wants, the characters that will animate it, the world where it takes place and even decide “his” final!
But this is not the true “end of the story” … with a simple click, you can also order the book you have created, a real printed book that will arrive directly at home. And the author’s name on the cover… will be yours!
Impossible? No, it’s easy!


A few questions to create and print your own fairy tales book. It seems incredible but it is very simple thanks to a new site!

The idea arises from the desire to make our children read fairy tales more and more dedicated to their way of seeing the world, trying to make them become protagonists, thanks to their boundless imagination, of the stories in which they were immersed before becoming absorbed.

For this reason we tried to build a site that could help, with simple questions, the parent (or even the child himself) to build a personalized story.

Once you have entered your preferences and decided your final, our “author” will have the opportunity to choose and modify the characters that animate the story.

Once the fairy tale has been made, a few clicks will be enough to receive a real printed book at home, but not before entering a beautiful dedication and the name that will appear printed on the cover!


Two authors who for years have been working on creating stories and drawings for children’s books and who today wanted to take up a challenge.

Rossella Piccini

I am Davide’s mother and have been an illustrator for children for many years. My job is the dream of when I was a child that I managed to achieve only after so much effort: after I graduated with honors at the Art School I completed my studies at the School of Cultural Heritage of Botticino (Italy) and at the School of Comics and Illustration of Milan.
I have been collaborating for many years with many Italian publishing houses including Mondadori, De Agostini, San Paolo and I have made illustrations for Rai Italian Television, Mediaset, Barilla, Yamaha (Valentino Rossi), Lindt and many others.

Paolo Stefi

Dad of Marta and Alice, I have always loved reading and writing and I have been working in publishing for 20 years and in particular as an author and creator of magazines and books for children. Over the years I have collaborated with many Italian and foreign publishers and I have also written several stories and two novels of police genre.
I graduated in Political Science with honors, but the desire to be an author of fairy tales was born to me much earlier, probably when daddy made me fall asleep reading Shakespeare… I do not know whether to thank him or get angry with him!


If you really like our project and you’d like to know something more, please, contact us!


The site also includes a real course of Creative Writing to write the book guided step by step by expert advice.

A special part of our site is dedicated to those who want to write the fairy tale on their own. Instead of a text to be composed but in some way pre-established, our “author” can follow the useful indications of our authors and write step by step the whole story after having defined the structure.
In fact, creating a fairy tale in this way requires much more effort, much more time and also a good determination, but the satisfaction will be so great when you can finally say to friends: “This I wrote it!”.
And we can assure you that thanks to the indications of experts of Creative Writing, it will be a step by step guided work and absolutely achievable by anyone… try it for believing: it’s free!


The archetypes of the story are at the base of the creation of this site. It seems impossible but behind a few clicks philosophical studies are hidden.

You will not believe it, but at the base of the stories that children and parents can build with just a few clicks, there are philosophical, psychological and anthropological studies of years and years…
In fact, when you ask a child to choose a fairy tale in which he will be the only hero rather than an adventure in which he will find many friends, he is being asked to choose between two options that men have had before to himself when they were about to tell stories…
Our (very superficial) studies on structural anthropology and the analysis of the story have led us to deconstruct the fairy tale and then try to structure it in a complicated system of multiple crossroads that allows us to reconstruct the archetypes that are inherent in each of us, in a tale of dragons, fairies or galactic spaceships.
Not bad, right? To do so, we listened to experts in the field who advised us books that we only read in part… but if you want to talk about it we are here waiting for you!


How can you give a character to a character with a few pencil marks? To do this, just know some of our instincts and know how to “flush out” …

Many do not know it, but even behind the birth of a drawing of a character there are many studies that try to combine the fashions and trends of the moment with the sensations that remain unchanged in our head since the birth of the homo Sapiens.
This is why even in the realization of these drawings we have paid particular attention to some features such as the corners of the head, the curves of the eyebrows, the colors of the body … that even without knowing it send important signals to our brain. How can we not love an animal with its eyes and head a little big compared to the body? It is very difficult since it activates a “parental” instinct that we all have when we see a helpless puppy …
This is just an example of how few strokes or colors can bring to our mind truly different sensations.


Unique and simple: the smile of a child… your child.

We have been working with books for a long time, with strapped men who explain to us how the market is going and what the latest trends are… but it does not happen very often to know what children really want to read. Well, with this site we try to ask them and their parents and if there will be even one child who will smile when he arrives home the book he built… our goal will be achieved!